Hi, I'm Leanne!

Integrative Health Practitioner

I help women go beyond coffee & concealer to get to the root causes of their symptoms & optimize their health.

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Work with me 1:1 for a minimum of 12 weeks to dig deep into your health. We will use your health history, current symptoms & suggested lab testing to get to your root causes and create a personalized protocol to rebalance your body & optimize your health.


Finally discover the underlying root causes that are contributing to your health issues and receive a personalized protocol balanced for your body to begin optimizing your health.

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I am a certified teacher of 17 years with a passion for health & wellness. I began having health struggles after having twins in 2014. Overcoming chronic fatigue, migraines, & leaky gut was just the beginning of my journey.


I didn't stop asking why when I felt that something was still off with my health.  I ultimately was able to uncover my root causes and realized how important it is for others to understand the missing pieces to achieve optimal health.


I became an Integrative Health Practitioner to not only share my passion, but to truly change lives and help other women to reclaim their health.