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The Root Cause Blueprint is my step by step process for guiding you through addressing your root causes. It is important to have foundational pieces of health in place before running testing. By following the steps in The Root Cause Blueprint you will be on the right path to uncovering and addressing your personalized root causes.

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I am a certified teacher of 17 years with a passion for health & wellness. I began having health struggles after having twins in 2014. Overcoming chronic fatigue, migraines, & leaky gut was just the beginning of my journey.


I didn't stop asking why when I felt that something was still off with my health.  I ultimately was able to uncover my root causes and realized how important it is for others to understand the missing pieces to achieve balance & resiliency in their health.


I became an Integrative Health Practitioner to not only share my passion, but to truly change lives and help other women to reclaim their health.

Certification & Education:

  • Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, Level 2

  • Creating Balanced Health Bioenergetics Training

  • Revealing Healing - Muscle Testing Education w/ Laura J. Perry, IHP

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