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I offer hair and saliva analysis through Creating Balanced Health to determine toxicities and deficiencies that your body is resonating with. This testing not only allows you to begin uncovering your root causes, but also provides you with a personalized protocol tested against your samples so that you can heal your body one layer at a time until you reach optimal health.

Common underlying root causes are bacteria, viruses, mold, parasites, chemicals and heavy metals. Often times there is more than one underlying root cause, however, a Creating Balanced Health scan will test for which area the body needs to address first. 


It is important to understand that root cause testing is not a quick fix but a journey of peeling back the layers until we get to optimal health.  It can take time and several scans to get there. We have to remember that we did not get to a place of chronic symptoms or illness overnight so it is going to take time to correct it.

I always recommend starting with a Full Scan to get a solid baseline of all the systems of the body. This scan will also provide you with food sensitivities, toxicities (includes bacteria, viruses, parasites, mold, heavy metals and chemicals) as well as nutrient and hormonal deficiencies. 

Also, scan reports provide you with a protocol that is tested against your samples that will rebalance the body based on what you have going on.

Use code LEANNEMARIE to save $20 on your full scan and to link me as your practitioner.

You can view a sample report here:


Once you receive your results via e-mail (takes about 3-4 weeks), you can then book your recorded report review. You will receive a 7-10 minute video explanation of your scan report that will summarize the main points of importance as well as give insight into your custom protocol. 

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