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Includes a complimentary Muscle Testing Session to assess Drainage + Solutions

Inside The Healthy Foundations Program you will learn: 


1. How to achieve balanced nutrition, optimize your digestion and stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day so that you have more consistent energy.


2. How to gently get your drainage pathways open and prep the body for detoxing things like mold, parasites, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals & chemicals. (You can book your complimentary Drainage + Solutions Muscle Testing Session for a more personalized approach).


3. How to exercise based on your current health status. Perhaps you’re overdoing it right now or maybe you’re not doing enough - we will figure that out together!


4. How to get better quality sleep, what’s impacting your sleep and how to break bad habits surrounding sleep. 


5. How to manage stress in a practical way along with tools and tactics to help you calm yourself within minutes. 

6. How to identify & release trapped emotions within the body that are keeping you stuck in your health journey. (This is life-changing!) This module will teach you a really simple way to begin muscle testing yourself.


7. How toxins lurking in your home may be impacting your symptoms and how you feel. You will learn how to begin replacing personal care & household products as well as determine what toxins are actually causing problems within your body & get rid of them. (i.e. Your Root Causes!)


Plus you'll get access to The Healthy Foundations Facebook group where women just like you are working on their foundations and root causes.  This is a place to ask your questions as you go through the course, share your wins and struggles and get support and accountability to make lasting changes.


If we continue to live the same lifestyle that contributed to our illness or symptoms, root cause protocols are only going to take us so far.

This course sets your body up for success by focusing on the important foundational pieces of healing.
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