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Imagine effortlessly going through your day symptom free and with consistent energy.


Imagine not thinking about your symptoms 24/7 and actually feeling good.

When was the last time you truly felt amazing?

Right now that probably sounds impossible to you. You’re struggling to take care of yourself on top of the daily responsibilities of work, the house, the kids, family obligations, sports practices...the list goes on!


You see other working moms getting those 5 am workouts in and making healthy meals for their family and you don’t know how they do it and stay happy and sane.


Meanwhile, you’re hitting snooze ten times every morning, rushing out the door to work, running on coffee and adrenaline. Then coming home and serving the kids breakfast for dinner 3 nights a week because the thought of putting together a meal...ugh. (No judging here….I lived this life for a long time!)


How do these moms have the time and energy for meal planning, cooking, cleaning, exercising, get enough sleep and still have anything left to give?! 


You are so fatigued and your brain fog is getting worse by the day that you can manage to make a to do list but can’t actually complete the to do list and it just keeps growing, causing you more stress!

Maybe you're even trying every supplement under the sun right now and restricting foods because you feel like that has to be the answer. Yet you keep wasting money on supplements that don't work and feel miserable since you feel like everything you eat is causing you more symptoms. This is no way to live - I've been there and there is 100% more to the story that is being left unaddressed.


You are beyond overwhelmed and frustrated and you're ready to take action and start finding answers.

If only you could get there without the overwhelm. Without adding more stress to your life.

Life is hard right now but it’s time to choose your hard.


What’s harder?


Staying stuck and not living out your potential?


Or getting a little uncomfortable, changing up your routine and ultimately thriving because of it?!


Right now you feel like you’re living groundhogs day.


You follow all of the fitness influencers, you’ve saved healthy meals to Pinterest, you’ve written out a morning routine only to hit snooze again but what you’re missing is taking action.


What you’re missing is a guided plan.


What you’re missing is education on the foundations of health that are key to feeling your best. And while nutrition, exercise & sleep are incredibly important there is SO much more to our health and you likely have some underlying toxicities and imbalances that ultimately need to be addressed too.


You’re missing the how - HOW to do it in a way that is simple to follow and implement without getting more stressed and overwhelmed in the process.

Imagine for a moment . . .

  • Never beating yourself up for eating poorly or missing a workout.

  • Getting to bed at a reasonable hour, getting quality sleep and actually enjoy being a morning person.

  • Detoxing your body without extreme juice cleanses that don’t actually work and feeling that fatigue and brain fog lift resulting in more energy, clearer thinking and actually getting that to do list DONE.

  • Knowing what workout your body needs so that you aren’t over taxing your body, leaving yourself even more exhausted.

  • Having a bunch of go-to, healthy meals that are SIMPLE to make and come together in 30 minutes or less.

  • Prioritizing nourishing your body so that you have the energy you need to show up as the woman you are meant to be in life (Good food is your fuel!).

  • Knowing and understanding what toxins could be contributing to your symptoms and working to get rid of them to reach optimal health.

  • Identifying when you’re stressed and having tools to get yourself calm within minutes (FYI Your body cannot heal when under chronic stress!).

It’s time to stop putting yourself last.


Two months from now you won’t even recognize yourself and before you know it all of these new habits will become your new normal. A year from now you will have addressed multiple root causes that are currently being unaddressed leaving you stuck.


It’s time to focus on what’s important and that’s the foundations of health.  These are all of the things that we know we should be doing for our health but struggle to do them consistently. Once we have a handle on these, we can move into testing your underlying root causes so that you can achieve optimal health and maintain it.

Inside The Healthy Foundations Program you will learn: 


1. How to achieve balanced nutrition, optimize your digestion and stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day so that you have more consistent energy.


2. How to gently get your drainage pathways open and prep the body for detoxing things like mold, parasites, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals & chemicals.


3. How to exercise based on your current health status. Perhaps you’re overdoing it right now or maybe you’re not doing enough - we will figure that out together!


4. How to get better quality sleep, what’s impacting your sleep and how to break bad habits surrounding sleep. 


5. How to manage stress in a practical way along with tools and tactics to help you calm yourself within minutes. 


6. How to identify & release trapped emotions within the body that are keeping you stuck in your health journey. (This is life-changing!)


7. How toxins lurking in your home may be impacting your symptoms and how you feel. You will learn how to begin replacing personal care & household products as well as determine what toxins are actually causing problems within your body & get rid of them. (i.e. Your Root Causes!)


Plus you'll get access to The Healthy Foundations Facebook group where women just like you are working on their foundations and root causes.  This is a place to ask your questions as you go through the course, share your wins and struggles and get support and accountability to make lasting changes.

If we continue to live the same lifestyle that contributed to our illness or symptoms, root cause protocols are only going to take us so far.

This course sets your body up for success by focusing on the important foundational pieces of healing.

It’s time to say goodbye to living a mediocre life.


Vibrant health and consistent energy is around the corner.


You are on your way to saying goodbye to all of those symptoms that have become part of your daily life.  The headaches, the anxiety, the gut issues, the fatigue, the brain fog, the PMS, the roller coaster of emotions….wouldn’t it be amazing if these things slowly faded away?


The first step to addressing root causes is getting your foundations in place and that’s exactly what we are working on in the Healthy Foundations Program. At the end of the course, I will walk you through the root cause testing I use that is going to uncover what is truly going on in your body so that we can begin to address it.


The Healthy Foundations Program will teach you how to make these important lifestyle changes, without the overwhelm so they become effortless and just a part of your daily life!


  • Even if you feel like you “don’t have time”

  • Even if you don’t like to cook

  • Even if you are a full time working mom with a lot on her plate

  • Even if you are dealing with daily fatigue right now

  • Even if your mindset is in the toilet and you’re telling yourself that you can’t change

  • YOU CAN CHANGE! You are worth it!

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