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Book a free Discovery Call to see which service is the best starting place for you.


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The Root Cause Blueprint

This 6 month 1:1 program will provide you with the education, support, accountability and personalized path to healing. Includes The Healthy Foundations Course, Muscle Testing, (3) phone consults & so much more.


Virtual Muscle Testing

Book a proxy muscle testing session and receive personalized feedback about what's going on in your body as well as customized solutions.



This is the testing that is used in The Root Cause Blueprint 1:1 program. Anyone can order testing outside of a program and then book a consult to go over your testing report and personalized protocol.

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The Healthy Foundations Course

This course is included in The Root Cause Blueprint 1:1 program. However, you can purchase it separately to begin your self-paced education on the foundational essentials in getting well.

Includes a complimentary Drainage + Solutions Muscle Testing Session

Remote Learning
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