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The Root Cause Blueprint

As of January 2024, I am not taking on any new 1:1 clients.


If you're interested in a 1:1 program, please email me at: to be added to the waitlist.


Virtual Muscle Testing

Unlock the secrets of your body's needs with a powerful proxy muscle testing session. Gain invaluable insights into your well-being and discover tailor-made solutions for optimal health.



This is the testing that is used in The Root Cause Blueprint 1:1 program. Anyone can order testing outside of a program and then book a recorded report review to go over your testing report and personalized protocol.

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The Root Cause Blueprint Online Course

Discover an affordable kick-off point for understanding and tackling your root causes. This self-paced course empowers you with foundational knowledge and practical steps. Join the supportive Facebook community for guidance, accountability, and expert assistance. This course is the exact process I walk my 1:1 clients through.

Remote Learning
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