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The Root Cause Blueprint

Embark on a transformative 6-month 1:1 journey that empowers your healing. Discover a personalized path to wellness with education, unwavering support, and expert guidance. Unlock the secrets of The Root Cause Blueprint Online Course, harness Muscle Testing, and enjoy (3) enriching phone consults. Your lifetime of well-being is just a step away.


Virtual Muscle Testing

Unlock the secrets of your body's needs with a powerful proxy muscle testing session. Gain invaluable insights into your well-being and discover tailor-made solutions for optimal health.



This is the testing that is used in The Root Cause Blueprint 1:1 program. Anyone can order testing outside of a program and then book a 60 minute phone consult to go over your testing report and personalized protocol.

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The Root Cause Blueprint Online Course

Discover an affordable kick-off point for understanding and tackling your root causes. This self-paced course empowers you with foundational knowledge and practical steps. Join the supportive Facebook community for guidance, accountability, and expert assistance. This course is included in The Root Cause Blueprint 1:1 program.

Remote Learning
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