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Organo Mushroom Coffees

Shop all Organo Mushroom coffees. These reishi infused coffees are high quality mushroom coffees and that will support your health with every sip. Swapping out your coffee is a simple step you can take to improve your health. For a wholesale account, click here to join.

Cup of Coffee

Creating Balanced Health Scans

View all Bioenergetic Scan options. Use code LEANNEMARIE at checkout to save $20 on any scan and link me as your practitioner. You can book a call to go over your report when it comes in here.

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Fullscript Supplement Dispensary

Save 15% on supplements when you create your Fullscript account. Free Shipping on orders over $50. Shop my favorites to get started after creating your account.


Essential Oils + Non-toxic Products

Shop hundreds of pure essential oils plus non-toxic household and personal care products. The Thieves line is my favorite for household products. Place a 100 PV order to save 24% and lock in wholesale pricing on all future orders.


Cellcore Biosciences Account

Create your Cellcore Biosciences Account. Must be a client to access. E-mail me if you are not a client. (

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Become an Integrative Health Practitioner

Become an IHP Certified Health Coach! Getting certified as an IHP is a great starting point if you want to become a practitioner and begin helping others. Sign up for Levels 1 & 2 at the same time and you'll receive TWO free lab tests.

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High Tech Health Saunas

I researched many Infrared Saunas before making my purchase and these are some of the best out there. The quality & customer service are outstanding. You can get a significant discount when you call to place your order and use my name as a referral. (Leanne Gray).

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Core Formulas

Shop all Core Formulas supplements. Simple and clean supplements for everyday wellness. If you're looking for foundational support - this is it!


Eversio Functional Mushrooms

Shop a variety of functional mushrooms to naturally support your health. From Cordyceps for energy to Lions Mane for focus and Reish for calm - there's a "mushroom for every moment." Use code LEANNEMARIE at checkout to save 15% on every order.



Save 10% on all products with code LEANNEMARIE. Personally, I use the TheraH2O Water Pitcher for clean, structured & mineralized water.

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