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This 12 week comprehensive 1:1 program will help you to get to your root causes, rebalance your body by reducing toxicities and replacing deficiencies. This program is designed to guide you every step of the way and give you step by step protocols to follow that are personalized to you and your health needs. If you have tried it all, been told by doctors that you're "normal" but you know something isn't right or you're sick and tired of having no energy & dealing with random symptoms, this program is going to help you finally get the answers you've been searching for.

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This is for you if you resonate with any of the following:

- You struggle to feel well on a daily basis

- You are chronically fatigued

- You have difficulty thinking clearly & deal with frequent brain fog

- You have digestive issues (bloating, gas, upset stomach after eating, belching, etc.)

- You often lack energy, drive & motivation to complete basic daily tasks.

- You have chronic symptoms like migraines, joint pain, fatigue, anxiety, etc.

- You have difficulty sleeping (falling asleep and/or staying asleep)

- You rely on caffeine all day long

- You feel like you are taking NSAIDS (Advil, Ibuprofen, etc.) too frequently

- You are unable to exercise because it causes you more fatigue

- You often feel frazzled, stressed or scatter-brained and rarely feel calm and at peace

- You struggle to know what foods to eat and can't tell which foods may be contributing to your symptoms


"I truly cannot believe the energy I have & how sustained it is all day long!"

"Leanne's guidance gave me confidence that if I stick with it, I WILL see change. If I was doing this alone I don't think I would have been so sure the diet portion could make a difference."

"I just feel GOOD! I feel so in charge of my body and what I'm putting into it. Making these healthy lifestyle changes makes me so proud of how far I've come."

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- You will fill out a comprehensive health intake form prior to our first consultation

- All consultations will be via Video Chat or Phone Call

- Consultation # 1: 60 minute call will include health intake, initial recommendations, lab recommendations if necessary & basic education

- Consultation # 2 (Week 4): 60 minute call will include review of lab results (if applicable), your personalized wellness plan (food, stress, sleep, supplements, detox protocols, exercise, etc.) 

- Consultation # 3 (Week 8): 30 minute follow up call for more in-depth support & to fine-tune current protocols

- Consultation # 4 (Week 12): Final 30 minute call to discuss maintenance plan or further support if needed

- Ongoing e-mail support will be provided in between




Paid monthly (3 months)


Paid in full ($25 savings)

Please note that the cost of recommended supplements & optional lab testing is not included in the above pricing.