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Virtual Muscle Testing

All muscle testing sessions will be done by proxy. This means that you do not need to book a consult. Results will be sent to you once testing has been completed. Please allow up to 72 hours for results.

What is Virtual Muscle Testing?

And how does it work?

Muscle testing is science-based and is a way to tap into the nervous system and subconscious mind to get biofeedback from the body. We can identify problems the body has and solutions that it wants and needs. The subconscious is really where the majority of the answers to what the body wants and what is ailing the body reside.

This process can work virtually because energy does not know time or space. We are all connected through what is referred to as the Quantum Field. The ability to virtual muscle test can be explained through Quantum Entanglement. It's not quackery, "woo-woo" or even spiritual in nature. It is an amazing healing tool that takes the guesswork out of what your body needs.

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Drainage + Solutions

This muscle testing service will focus on the function of each of your drainage pathways to see where you need the most support as well as specific solutions in the form of supplements, lifestyle suggestions and/or biohacks.

If this is your first time booking a session, this is step one! Drainage is an essential first step in healing and cannot be skipped. It is suggested to work on drainage for 30-60 days before tackling root causes.

Initial Session

In order to book this session, it is a prerequisite to have a Drainage + Solutions session done first and implement those solutions for 30-60 days.


This session will give us the big picture of what is going on in the body as a whole, which root causes are the biggest issue, where in the body they are causing the most problems as well as guide us on where to begin your first protocol to begin detoxing.

Stop justifying your symptoms & start asking why you have them. Symptoms are our body's wa

Follow Up
Symptom-Based Session

This is a follow up service after a client has completed a Comprehensive Initial Muscle Testing Session.


This muscle testing service allows you to have up to 3 symptoms tested for root causes. These can be acute (i.e. a cold) or chronic. Solutions will be provided as well.

"Wow Leanne, reading this all has blown my mind. You are talented. I knew parasites were probably an issue and you have confirmed it. "
"My husband was away all week and didn't know I had a session done on our son. He immediately commented on his demeanor. He has been extra lovey! There definitely seems to be a "lift" of things for him."
"Seeing what has been contributing to my symptoms in black and white has been invaluable. So motivated to work on detoxing and feeling good again. Thank you!"
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